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Digital Pregnancy Test

FIRST RESPONSE® Easy-Read Ovulation TestTrying to conceive is an exciting time, but can be stressful for women and couples who are not immediately successful. Knowing when to try to conceive is important and can be a guessing game for many women, especially for those with irregular periods. Every woman's body is unique and, when trying to become pregnant, your individual cycle should certainly be taken into consideration.

FIRST RESPONSE® Ovulation Tests are the right choice to help you get pregnant - sooner!* And now, with the innovative technology featured in our Digital Ovulation Test, it's easier than ever.


    Introducing the FIRST RESPONSE® Digital Ovulation Test.

  • It knows your body. It's the only ovulation test that actually detects your own personal LH surge. It detects and tracks your personal daily baseline levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) to detect your personal LH surge, unlike other ovulation tests that use a preset "average" level to determine an LH surge.

  • Tracks your personal LH level daily-comes with 20 test sticks and a Digital Reader for a one month supply.

  • Digital Reader will remember your body's LH hormone level to detect your personal LH surge (24-36 hours when you are most likely to conceive).

  • Unmistakable YES+/NO- results: YES+ means try to conceive in the next 24-36 hours; NO- means continue to test daily.

  • Unsurpassed accuracy - over 99% accurate*.
  • *In detecting LH surge in laboratory studies


How Digital Ovulation Test Works

Know Your Body